Twenty years ago, I was diagnosed with HIV. I was devastated. My biggest fear was that I would run out of medication options. Now with insurance deductibles getting higher, my fear is having enough money to pay for the meds. It’s a financial challenge! Finding PAF to help lift/guide me through various options was very comforting… Thank you!


My case manager was awesome to work with! Thank you…


… you know without your intervention I would not be where I am today. Thank you very much for your continual contact and for not leaving me alone. None of this action would have taken place if the Patient Advocate Foundation Person would not have assisted me… When I informed her that no one could help me she provided applications that led me to the right path. When I informed the first doctor of the research that Patient Advocate Foundation [had done] he knew the specialist to send me to. Without [my case manager’s] help I would have been unable to receive the medical help I need…

Calvin | HIV & acquired lipodystrophy

PAF (patient advocate foundation) has amazing staff and service and is there for anyone who needs to talk and solve a problem … just call or visit the web.

Menbere | HIV